Company Overview

A better way to Bond

Ankur Oil Industries was established in 1978 in Ahmedabad to provide quality Groundnut Oil. Ankur brand has been positioned on the platforms of taste and health and today, Ankur is one of the most trusted edible oil brands not only in Gujarat but also in neighbouring border states.

The company has 4 managing partners. Mr. Pradeep Khetani and Mrs. Jyotsna Vachhani passionately adhere to the objective of making only high quality products with a zero compromise approach. On the other hand Mr. Jayprakash Vachhani and Mr. Bharat Patel make sure the packaging, filling and quality assurance of the final packaged goods are up to mark.

Their ethos of Ethics over Profits, reflect in the company culture and all company dealings. The result is what started with a daily capacity of just 50 tins has now transformed today into a company that produces 150 tons of refined oil daily.

In addition to the refining plant at Changodar in Ahmedabad-Gujarat which has a fully automated world class facility, the company also has a plant at Por in Vadodara Gujarat.


Our Vision

To be an ever rising world class manufacturer of quality products with focus on state-of-the-art facilities so as to be able to supply the market with high quality and affordable products and become a “Wellness First Company”.

Our Mission

The company’s mission is to improve competitiveness through innovations, cost control & to enhance the market share in domestic as well as international markets. The management at Ankur has also set out the goal to become a “Wellness First Company”, thereby placing utmost importance on making the world healthy by supply of high quality nutrition products in the market and the company also wishes to identify & address gaps in the food & wellness market by instilling a robust R&D culture and by introducing diversification through new products & targeting of new markets.